04 July 2011

Eurocentric Prejudice Still Taking Command of Carib History

One can go over to The Official Site of the CHAGUARAMAS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY to catch a glimpse of how racist, elite Trinidadians like to put their ignorance on display for the whole world to marvel at. In particular, this gem of colonialist lore is reproduced:
Before European explorers landed on the Caribbean islands, peaceful tribes of Amerindians called the Arawaks inhabited the entire Caribbean archipelago. Generous and open where these people that they embraced the Spaniards and bestowed every comfort for the Spanish explorers. Ironically since the arrival of the Spanish these people were mistreated and many died from diseases, within a few decades it was belief that there were no Arawaks left.

There was another another Amerindian tribe, a fierce tribe known as Caribs. This tribe pounced on the Arawaks and were known to be cannibals (eaters of human flesh). The Caribs had devoured their way up the Caribbean islands.
Did you get that? Peaceful tribes, who welcomed the Spaniards--no resistance against colonialism, thus the first myth in this piece of tripe appears. The second myth is that there was a total extinction. The third myth, is to blame genocide on the Caribs, "fierce" as they were--poor Europeans, they were mere spectators, having passed through the Caribbean as part of their yachting exercises. The fourth and ugliest myth, the Caribs devoured people, eating their way through the Caribbean.

No amount of "development" is going to help people who, in 2011, are still repeating the vulgar obscenities and colonial justifications of 1492. Development without education, and without decolonization, is just the accumulation of stuff, another way of superficially mimicking the white man even while repeating the filth that few Western scholars would be caught dead saying today.

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