24 February 2013

Cassava plant for Arima's Carib village.

Cassava plant for Arima's Carib village.
By Louis B Homer
Trinidad Express Newspapers | Feb 24, 2013 at 10:52 PM ECT

A cassava-processing plant to produce and market indigenous cassava products is expected to be installed on the proposed site of the Amerindian village at Arima.

It will be part of the total development of the village, said Minister Clifton De Coteau, Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration

The Carib Community met with Minister De Coteau last week to confirm plans for the survey of the lands as well as other matters affecting the community last Thursday, at the Ministry in Port of Spain.

The group was led by Ricardo Bharath, president of the Carib Community, and Carib queen Jennifer Cassar.

De Coteau said, "The plant will be an integral part of the development of the 25-acre site aimed at the development of heritage tourism in Trinidad, as well as creating sustainable communities in the country."

The Santa Rosa Carib Community is soon to establish the village on lands granted to them on the Blanchisseuse Road.

The group was incorporated as a company in 1973 to preserve the culture of the Caribs of Arima and to maintain their role in the annual Santa Rosa Festival.

The village will provide an authentic Amerindian experience for visitors and will serve as a formal meeting place for both local and Amerindian peoples.

De Coteau advised the delegation to submit their plans for the Santa Rosa Festival as well as the annual heritage fair within two weeks so that favourable financial assistance would be given to the organisation.

After discussions with the group it was decided that a formal visit will be made to the site on March 6, when the community will be expected to conduct a hands-on discussion on the way forward.