Our aim is to provide a wide variety of news, views, and announcements concerning indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, past and present, and the wider indigenous world. In some cases we touch on broader political, economic, and cultural issues of regional and international import as they may affect local indigenous communities in the Caribbean.

The precursor of this blog was The CAC Review (archived) which came out of a decade-long, collaborative project known as the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink (original site). Prior to becoming The CAC Review "blog," ours was a newsletter that was published online (starting in 2000), and distributed to subscribers via email--back issues can be seen here, or here. The writers and editors behind the CAC and this site are listed here.

This site, The Review of the Indigenous Caribbean, began in late August of 2008 as a collaborative, multi-author blog; the initial contributors were Jorge Baracutei Estevez (Taino, Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian), David Campos (Taino), Carrie Medina (Taino), K.M. Josephs (Kalinago, linguist), Rixturey (Taino, artist), and Maximilian Forte (anthropologist). previously we were joined by Lynne Guitar (Dominican Republic) and Tracy Assing (Carib, Trinidadian). The site stemmed from both the CAC, and the Indigenous Caribbean Network.

At present, this site is being maintained by Maximilian Forte, who can be reached at maximilian.forte@concordia.ca. He is a Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada. His teaching interests range from Caribbean history to Indigenous Resurgence, Political Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Globalization, and Cultural Imperialism.