01 March 2009

10 Billion Beats Around the World

Carrie Medina is participating in the event 10 billion Beats. If you live in the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington areas and would like to participate with our group, please contact Carrie at "carrie@carriemedina.com" (remove the quotes). Here is more information.


Since the beginning of human history, drums have been used to call people together, to communicate across great distances, to rise in celebration, and to march together in common cause. Drums of one form or another are found in every culture and are used in spiritual traditions for a variety of purposes. No matter whether they are played in an indigenous ceremony, a rock band, or a parade, they bring our consciousness together with a common pulse.

10 Billion Beats is a plan to circle the earth with a resounding rhythm of unity for all peoples, all faiths, all nations, all hopes and dreams. By joining in celebration with others, we will send a wave of focused intent through every time zone around the globe.

Here's how it can happen.

If only 30,000 people in each of the 24 time zones drum for 1 hour we will reach that goal. Of course more people is better. Sounds like a lot of people but it's far less than 1% of the world's population. We also know that in some time zones (way out in mid ocean) it may be hard to get that many participants. But if we can get at least one person in every time zone we can send a wave around the world.

Think about how many people watched the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics and the unity 2008 drummers displayed. It moved people! We are not performing on the world stage—we are the world stage, the global village. 10 Billion Beats is a joyous commemoration of the human family and all that shares this planet with us. So think globally, and think locally. Who do you know in far away places? Who do you know in your vicinity? Invite them all to join with us, with your help and involvement, we can do this!

How it works
The drumming will occur on Friday Sept. 19, 2009 at 7:00PM in every time zone moving from east to west. (Please note -- the date will change to Saturday Sept 19, as we cross the International Date Line.) Groups will gather in homes, in town squares, city parks, and country fields. We will start the beat on a hilltop in Kansas and catch it again the following day. Each group will drum for at least one (1) hour so that the next time zone will pick up the beat and our "joyful noise" will roll with the hour around the world. The right size group is you and everyone you can think to invite. This is a grassroots event—you and I are the grass.

To participate:

You don't need a drum. If you have a drum use it. If you have several share them. If you don't have a drum use an empty can, empty 5Gal. water bottle, or a bucket. Two wooden dowels (rhythm sticks) or handy sticks you might find struck together work very well. Rattles and maracas are also great choices. Use what you have accompanied with the love in your heart and it will be fine.

Drum with reverence. Approach drumming as if you were praying or meditating. Imagine the highest good from your faith or spiritual tradition and let each beat be a physical prayer as you strike your drum. Then listen to the sound as if it has become a bridge between Earth and Heaven to carry your invocation.

Four(4) beats per second. Yes, that is fast. Four beats per second corresponds to the Theta range of human brain activity. When we listen to sound at a steady tempo, the brain synchronizes with the auditory stimulus and we reach a deep, calm, clear state useful in healing and creativity. We will use that state, along with our heart-centered supplication, to help heal the world and create a world we all want to live in through our focused intention.