27 July 2009

Fire and Ice 2009

Union of Indigenous People

Fire & Ice 2009, July 17-19, 2009 is an historic occasion, uniting for the first time the spiritual leaders of North and South America with their relations from the Far North – thus completing the spiritual circle of all America’s Native peoples. The ceremony helps northern indigenous peoples to meet challenges of survival that are closing in on them, challenges that were met by their southern relations generations ago but that continue to threaten all indigenous peoples and the wisdom that they bring to the world. The ceremony brings indigenous peoples from the Four Directions together, reinforcing their bond and establishing a united front in the effort to save the heritage and pass it on to coming generations. This heritage includes values which have sustained indigenous peoples over eons of time, and which are increasingly threatened in the modern world. The sustaining values – faith, gratitude, love, and respect for all Creation – are what the Sacred Fire brings home to the heart.

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