07 October 2009

From the Offices of the UCTP

Should the US continue to honor Columbus Day?

Takahi (Greetings):

It is my hope that you are all well and in good spirit. I was recently alerted to a website that has a online poll entitled "Should the US continue to honor Columbus Day?"

Currently, the YES column is winning by about a hundred votes. As some of you may be aware, the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) has long protested this U.S. federal holiday. With this in mind, and on behalf of the UCTP, I encourage you to take part in this online poll and record your opinion.

You can find the poll at: http://www.helium. com/debates/ 102346-should- the-us-continue- to-honor- columbus- day

I am also providing a link to an article I wrote on this subject in 2007. It deals with this subject from a Taino perspective.

You can find the article at:
http://uctp. blogspot. com/2007/ 10/opinion- columbus- day-celebrates. html

I look forward to your thoughts.

Oma bahari, nabori'daka
(With respect, I am at your service),
Mukaro Agueibana (Roberto Borrero),
President, UCTP-OIRRC

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