20 August 2007

Blogs for Indigenous News and Commentary

Normally I would be careful about recommending a website or blog whose authors/creators are not well identified, but CENSORED appears to be well worth visiting for those interested in indigenous news from a radical and militant perspective. Many of the current articles discuss Zapatista meetings, communiques from writers associated with the Mohawk Warriors Society, and pieces critical of U.S. actions in Iraq as well as domestic spying in the U.S.

Indigenous Issues Today is a relatively new blog authored by Dr. Peter N. Jones, director of the Baau Insititute in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Jones, of Welsh, Norwegian, and Choctaw ancestry, has also worked with indigenous peoples from the Dominican Republic, among others. The following information about the blog and the Institute came from a recent press release by PRLEAP.COM:

Indigenous people today face more challenges than any previous generation. Large multi-national companies are extracting all types of natural resources from indigenous peoples traditional homelands. Ecotourism is having an adverse effect on traditional indigenous cultural values. The establishment of large preserves for wildlife management has caused detrimental impacts to traditional subsistence lifeways by indigenous peoples throughout the world. In order to help mitigate these ongoing and constant impacts, the Bauu Institute and Press began publishing the Indigenous Issues Today news blog.

The Indigenous Issues Today news blog is written as a form of social outreach for those who want to find out what is happening to the worlds indigenous peoples and as a means of informing the public about one of today's central human rights issues. With over 20 posts on 15 indigenous groups located in 8 countries, the blog has already garnered a lot of attention. Primary topics have included timber harvesting in Chile and its impacts to the Mapuche people, oil and gas development among the Ute peoples of southern Colorado, and commentaries on the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights....

Dr. Jones said, "Although there are a number of blogs that cover a particular topic or indigenous group, this blog is the first to examine in detail one particular issue at a time while still taking a global perspective. A larger understanding is developed as to the problems facing indigenous peoples around the world." With the Indigenous Issues Today news blog, Dr. Peter N. Jones hopes to reach out to people from all walks of life.

About the Bauu Institute and Press

The Bauu Institute and Press is a science and applied research institute. Since 1998 the Institute has conducted a wide range of environmental, psychological, and social science projects. The Institute works on a range of local, state, federal, and tribal based levels, and are especially adept at working with indigenous peoples.

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