11 September 2006

Photographs of the 2006 Carib Santa Rosa Festival

Coupled with the audio files presented in a previous post on this subject, we now have an extensive range of photographs of the events of Sunday, 27 August, 2006, covering the Caribs and their celebration of the Santa Rosa Festival. They have been posted in three galleries on the massive Trinidad website known as "TriniView.com" (please see: http://triniview.com/album/Carib_Festival_270806). The photographer, who does not appear to have been named on the site, obviously did a great job of following the Caribs from the moment they left their community centre, their procession to the Church, their presence inside the Church, the procession of the statue of St. Rose through the streets of Arima, and the festivities at the Carib Centre after mass. In a few instances, mistakes are made in the captions with the names of individual members of the Carib Community, however, the photographer still did an impressive job of collecting so many of the names to begin with.

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