24 April 2006

Dr. Roi Kwabena: Indigenous and African Heritages

Introducing you to a friend of the CAC:
Dr. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. He is a cultural anthropologist who has worked with all age ranges in Europe, Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean for over thirty years. His positive cultural advocacy has engaged him in a variety of specialist projects addressing wide ranging issues such as functional and cultural literacy, therapeutic harvesting of memories by elders and young people (including cross generational dialogue) anti-racism, community cohesion, social inclusion, cultural diversity, redefining the heritages of indigenous peoples plus confidence building for prisoners, excluded and traumatized students, refugees, etc. Dr. Kwabena is renown for using critical analysis to examine the historical roots of racism and to assess the direct relevance this has on our lives today. Dr. Kwabena is also the editor of the journal Dialogue. That journal specifically addresses issues relating to indigenous cultures and their impact on the post modern world. He maintains a varierty of websites which can be found at:

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