11 February 2004

Destruction of Taino Remains in Puerto Rico

The human remains of our native ancestors, the Taínos, who gave origin to our culture and our roots, our national patrimony, lay resting in an archeological site found at Calle Agueybana of Comunidad Parque del Monte in the municipality of Caguas, Puerto Rico....

The large enterprises with created interests have proposed to construct over the remains of our ancestors, businesses such as fast food. For us, the descendants of the Taíno ancestors, it is an insult that large economic interests want to destroy, not only our national patrimony, but also interrupt the eternal rest of the souls and the spirits of our Taíno ancestors. We cannot allow mediocre people, who do not care about our pre-historic heritage, destroy the human remains of our ancestors who have rested in this same place since their death and before the arrival of the European colonizers. We urge international support from all individuals, tribes, groups and affiliations to help us. We, the survivors of the Taínos, firmly oppose to the distruction of the human remains of our ancestors and we firmly oppose the disturbance of their souls. Economic interests can be obtained anywhere else, but not over our Taíno cemetery. We don't have an e-mail yet, but you can call 787-743-6304 and ask for Rene Melendez.

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