09 October 2009

Fundraiser for the Mayan Center for Peace

By Francisco J. Gonzalez

Centro Maya Para la Paz, or Mayan Center for Peace, is a not for profit NGO in Cantel , Guatemala , that is working to facilitate educational and economic opportunities to indigenous Kiche Maya communities. Founded by well-known Maya advocate Arcadio Salanic, the Centro is fulfilling an important role in providing tools for sustainable, culturally-specific and environmentally- sensitive development for the indigenous people of Guatemala .

However, the Centro needs our support in acquiring basic resources to continue with its mission. Arcadio has contacted his friends here in Minnesota and elsewhere to request help in purchasing a computer, printer, a digital camera, and also to fund internet and telephone services for their office as well as related costs.

I had the opportunity to meet Arcardio when he briefly had an office in Minneapolis, and was able to see first hand the documents, newspaper articles and testimonials recording his work and achievements as an advocate for the disenfranchised, speaker for the voiceless, and as a keeper of traditional Kiche Maya wisdom.

See link below for some information about Arcadio’s career:


The Centro Maya Para la Paz is partnering with LA-MANO Inc, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in Mankato , MN , to assist in the collection of funds in the US and their remittance to Guatemala .

For more information, see the link below


or contact

Victoria Salas
Executive Director
1400 Madison Ave. Suite 218
P.O. Box 3373
Mankato, MN 56002-3373
phone: (507) 344.8361

Email: tochtli67@hotmail. com

On behalf of the Centro Maya Para la Paz and LA-MANO Inc., I want to thank you for considering donating to this very worthy cause. Monetary contributions in any amount or in-kind donations will be greatly appreciated.

En la lucha,

Francisco J. Gonzalez

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